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Technical requirements for the articles

1. Article sent to the Publisher, must have the application for publication (http://www.giab-online.ru/files/Zayavka.pdf).

2. Standard volume of the article is 4-10 printed pages and pictures. The article should be presented in electronic mode (CD, DVD, flash memory card etc) or sent to the editorial board of the corresponding edition by e-mail golubcov@gornaya-kniga.ru

3. The article should be written briefly, without repetition of data of tables and pictures in the text. Mentioned bibliographic sources as well as tables and pictures should be noted in the text by reference marks. The article should be distinctly structured with the following sections: Introduction; Aim of investigation, Theoretical review; Description of experiments; Analysis of results; Discussion; Conclusions.
The articles with mainly industrial features it is sufficient to have two sections: Aim of the work and Obtained results.

4. Information about each author should be supplied (company, occupation, academic degree and/or title) in Russian and English. E-mail or phone or postal address is sufficient to lead to the first author or the author, which is the contact person.

5. The article should be certainly supplied with abstract (summary), key words and references (bibliographic list).

6. The abstract (summary), in accordance with requirements of the international data bases, should reflect content of the article rather completely. Its volume is in average not less than 1800-2000 symbols ore 20-25 strings. The abstract should be translated into English.
7. Key words should be contain more that 7-10 items average and should be translated into English.

8. References (bibliographic list) should meet the requirements of national standard GOST 7.1-2003 (and its later version of 2008) as well as requirements of the international data bases. It should include not less than 12 sources (not more than 3 of these sources can be references on the own author's publications). At least 5 references on publications later than 2010 and 4 references on recent foreign publications are strictly required.
Bibliographic list includes:
- referring to the journal article - surname and initials of the authors, full journal title, year of publication, volume (if available), issue number, pages of the beginning and end of the article;
- referring to the book - surname and initials of the authors, title of the book, place of publishing, publisher, year of publishing, total number of pages;
- referring to the article in collection - title of collection, number of issue or volume, place of publishing, publisher, pages of the beginning and end of the article;
- for web-links - titles of Internet resource and publication, access mode.
Number of every reference in the text of the article should be given in square brackets in corresponding place of the text.
When preparing the bibliographic list, it is recommended to use only reliable and verified sources, and avoid usage of references to public resources (like Wikipedia) that can't be confirmed by any respectable and reliable publications.

9. When writing down the article to the electronic memory device or when sending the article by e-mail, its text part should be saved or sent in separate file that can be opened by Word for Windows. The pictures should be saved or sent as separate graphic files in TIF mode with sufficient resolution (at least 300 dpi for scale 1:1).The full version of the article should be also presented as PDF file.

10. The pictures should be distinct and available for computer processing. Please don't overload the pictures with unimportant data not having direct relation to the article. It is advisable to supply coloured panoramic pictures with descriptive notes.

11. Physical units and designations should be presented in SI - International System of Units.

12. The authors have to check their articles using anti-plagiarism programs (e.g. www.text.ru), to be sure that no fragments from other publications are included in this article.

13. If the article doesn't meet any of the a.m. requirements, it can be the cause of its rejection for publication.

14. Publication of scientific-technical articles, included those written by post-graduates, is free of charge when publishing on the first-turn basis (without any urgency).

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