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You can subscribe to the paper version of the GIAB in any Russian post office (the subscription code in "Rospechat" agency catalogues is 46466), or at the "Mining Book" publishing office

Phone +7 (495) 230-27-80

fax +7 (495) 956-90-40, +7 (495) 737-32-65

E-mail: info@gornaya-kniga.ru


То get online subscription please contact us by e-mail: ask@giab-online.ru.


The subscription rate to the paper version for 2016 year is 11 760 rubles, taxes and postal charges throughout Russia are included.

Online subscription for 2016 year is 5 800 rubles.


You can get a separate issue of the journal or article (ask@giab-online.ru).

Some of GIAB issues are available in the "Mining Book" publishing house shop.
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