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 It is proposed to produce high-grade coal—a premium fuel for municipal and domestic services—directly in an open pit mine, then to transport the final product to the surface and to keep it in an intermediate storage in special containers. Transition to the new technology assumes modification of the structure of the mining and transport equipment, namely, introduction of a mobile screening-and-crushing plant, technological transport facilities and special containers. Furthermore, it is required to arrange an intermediate storage site in the territory of open pit mine. The basic technical data of the introduced equipment are calculated, the equipment stock list is compiled and the process-and-transportation flow chart is developed for the in-pit operation in terms of Balakhtinsky open pit coal mine; thus, the technical feasibility of the introduction of the mentioned mining and transport machines is thereby proved. The analysis of the economic efficiency of this commercial proposal highlights advantages of the in-pit grading of coal as compared with the current approach when the mobile screening-and-crushing plant is placed and operated on the pitwall. The new technology will eliminate the loss of coal quality and quantity due to haulage to the daylight surface and storage, mitigate environmental impact of operations, free man power and vacate storage area. In-pit high-grade coal production at Balakhtinsky coal mine has positive effect on the cost of the final quality coal product: it is reduced by 9,28 Rub/t.

: 1
ISBN: 0236-1493
УДК: 622.063
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2019-01-0-36-47
Authors: Demtchenko I. I., Mulenkova A. O.

Authors' Information:
Demtchenko I.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
e-mail: demtchenkoii@yandex.ru,
Mulenkova A.O., Graduate Student, e-mail: 15anastasiya@mail.ru,
Siberian Federal University, 660025, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Key words:
High-grade coal, mobile screening-and-crushing plant, technological transport facilities, special container, cost.


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