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The article discusses prospects, advantages, shortcomings and process flow sheets of hydraulic gold mining from thick and thin placers buried in permafrost. The geological conditions of placers, as well as equipment and its designs are described. The results of commercial and semi-commercial gold extraction from a buried placer in the Experimental mine (Kolyma) and from a buried coastal placer at the Ryveem river in the area of the former Polyarninsky Mining and Processing Plant are analyzed. The applied HBM technology used water jet monitoring of pay zone in a free chamber and hydraulic elevator of gold-bearing sand to the surface. Gold sand processing involved sluicing with gateway of deep filling. The technology of gold HBM in thick permafrost is based on thawing of frozen rocks by warm water and air lift of thawed material to the surface. The depth of mining is restricted by the depth of occurrence of permafrost. In case of far placers with difficult access, it is proposed to recover fine gold using the underground voids formed by HBM for in-situ leaching of gold from sluice tailings after HBM and from old mining waste.

: 1
ISBN: 0236-1493
УДК: 52.13.15:70.85.49
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2019-01-0-26-35
Authors: Arens V. J., Fazlullin M. I., Khrulev A. S., Khcheyan G. H.

Authors' Information:
Arens V.J., Doctor of Technical Sciences,
Vice-President of the Academy of natural Sciences (RAEN), Moscow, Russia,
Fazlullin M.I., Doctor of Technical Sciences, General Director, NPP «Geotep»,
Khrulev A.S., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Moscow, Russia,
Khcheyan G.H., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Moscow, Russia,
e-mail: mogmsraen@mail.ru.

Key words:
Buried placers, permafrost, hydraulic borehole mining, water jet monitor, water jet elevator, air lift, placer buried in permafrost.


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