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The proposed serpentine tubular wheel-and-belt conveyor will solve one of the most urgent problems in development of the cyclical-and-continuous method of hard mineral mining: it will enable no-reloading haulage. In the curved sections of the haulage route in the horizontal plane, the conveyor supports are equipped with two rollers with vertical shafts communicating with the conveyor belt. The belt supports are connected by a pull chain allowing bending in the horizontal plane. This approach is particularly important for deep open pit mines. The conveyor incline in the hoist section can agree with the pit wall slope, which conditions essential cut-down in the hoist installation activities cost and reduction in the conveyor length. The wheel-and-belt conveyor is a combination of moving staircase and belts and is highly structurally compatible. The new type conveyor design should include maximum number of standard and unified parts and assemblies of modern escalators and belts (pull chains and intermediate rack-and-pinion drives), pullers and tighteners, tensioners and facilities for safe operation of escalators, as well as conveyor belt, drums and belt carrying rollers). The use of the intermediate rack-and-pinion drive in the inclined section of the belt conveyor instead of the drives at the head and tail chain gears removes major load from the pull chains, allows considerable reduction in size of the upper transition sections and decreases load on the primary rollers of belt supports. Furthermore, the installation of a number of intermediate drives enables no-reloading haulage.

: 7
УДК: 621.867.003.13
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-7-0-124-130
Authors: Mulukhov K.K., Beslekoeva Z.N.

Authors' Information:
Mulukhov K.K., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Beslekoeva Z.N., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor, e-mail: bezalina60@yandex.ru,
North Caucasus Mining-and-Metallurgy Institute (State Technological University),
362021, Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, Russia.

Key words:
Spatially curved route, reloading, wheel-and-belt conveyor, deep open pit mine, high-angle
conveyor, coarse mining loads, straps.


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