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In focus of the study is long shallow hole-making in soil by the method of piercing. It is shown that the most efficient equipment for implementing this method are pneumatic piercing tools. The further improvement of vibro-impact piercing is impeded by insufficient accuracy of underground drilling in terms of reaching a pre-set point. It is suggested to overcome the difficulty by engineering controllable pneumatic piercing machines capable to change the motion path upon operator’s command. In the framework of handling the set task, recommendations are made for selecting an alignment method for pneumatic piercing machine path, and basic requirements are laid down on a deflection device design. A new layout of the motion path changing mechanism is proposed and its mode of operation is described. The article presents the test results obtained on a prototype of a pneumatic piercing device with the deflectable rear and the data on experimental study into turning the pneumatic piercing machine body under deflecting force in soil.

: 7
УДК: 621.23.05
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-7-0-116-123
Authors: Danilov B. B., Rechkin A. A., Cheshchin D. O.

Authors' Information:
Danilov B.B., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Researcher,
e-mail: bbdanilov@mail.ru,
Rechkin A.A., Junior Researcher, e-mail: lexxer68@gmail.com,
Cheshchin D.O., Junior Researcher, e-mail: dimixch@mail.ru,
Chinakal Institute of Mining of Siberian Branch
of Russian Academy of Sciences, 630091, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Key words:
Hole, pneumatic piercing tool, trenchless technologies, curved holes, pneumatic piercing tool path alignment.


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