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Regular-shape face stone is one of the basic construction materials in mountainous countries. The current technology and performance of stone cutting by rail-mounted machines are comparatively inefficient: high cutting forces, vibration, shears and cracks, incompletely cut benches left at quarry bottoms as well as huge accumulations of waste greatly damage the environment. This problem is even more severe in mountainous countries where length of quarries is rather small. According to the analysis of sizes of regular-shape stones, dimension stones currently produced have cross dimensions not more than 200–250 mm. The purpose of face stone is also changed: it is not a load bearer but a decorative facework now, and its face side is chipped in order to look like a “rock.” Instead of rail-mounted machines, new wheeled machines are engineered for stone cutting. This article discusses machines with hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic units manufactured by Poclain Hydraulics. Moreover, analogous machines based on chassis of automatic loaders 5 tons in capacity are engineered, which is promising for the CIS countries. Flexibility and maneuverability of these machines allow operating a new technology enabling better utilization of quarry space, eliminating terraced edges at the top of quarries and reclamation of abandoned quarries. It is found that wheeled machines have higher productivity than rail-mounted machines owing to increased rates of cutting and advance as well as higher coefficient of utilization of a machine in time.

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УДК: 679.8.05
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-7-0-89-98
Authors: Asatryan D. A., Arutyunyan S. S.

Authors' Information:
Asatryan D.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences,
Assistant Professor, Head of Chair, e-mail: eaagb@yandex.ru,
Arutyunyan S.S., Engineer,
National Polytechnic University of Armenia, Gyumri branch,
3103, Gyumri, Armenia.

Key words:
Stone quarry, stone-cutting machine, building block, automatic loader, saw blade, hydraulic aggregates.


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