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Discussion is focused on ecological and hygienic aspects of using polymers in new coal mining technologies. It is found that in this case, synthetic polymers will expand the range of toxic and hazardous matters for miners, and will endanger environment. Toxic gas emissions during mixing and solidification of chemical solutions composed of polymeric resins are studied using the lab test data and scientific literature. It is determined that with the polymer-based technologies, both initial components of a polymeric mixture and substances resulted from reactions enter mine air. These are toxic substances belonging to hazard classes 1–4, including allergens which are agents of acute health effect. The studies involved modern methods of gas chromatographic, photocolorimetric and spectrophotometric analyses, as well as lab-scale testing of mixing and solidification of polymeric composition solutions. Migration and release dynamics of hazardous substances in working zone air are studied. Miner safety measures for application of polymer technologies are proposed, and prospects for using polymers in underground mining are specified.

: 7
: 614.841.332
DOI: 10.25018/0236-1493-2018-7-0-54-60
Authors: Uvarova V. A.

Authors' Information:
Uvarova V.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Head of Department,
Joint-stock company Scientific Center VostNII of work safety in mining (JSC NC VostNII)
650002, Kemerovo, Russia, e-mail: uvarova.v.a@mail.ru.

Key words:
Polymers, ecological properties, safety, toxicity, gas emission, toxic substances, coal mining technologies, tests, coal mine.


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